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Show 28 Is Up! – Negus World Mix Ft. DJ Tribo from NYC

August 3, 2014 | admin

Show-28-ShowIt’s time once again ladies and gentlemen and a big welcome to show 28 “Negus World Mix” featuring a special guest mix with @djtribo (Neil Francisco of Funk’n Deep Records) from NYC.

This show’s social dedication is to Negus World social movement out of NYC ( as they say “Our mission is to unite self-empowered individuals around the globe through worldwide charity events and to create artistic platforms for children and young adults, to uplift their spirit and give them confidence.”

They recently finished a huge worldwide music charity event with shows going on in several different countries at the same time and raised money to feed 6000 children in Haiti. Watch out for them coming up with more and more cool stuff in the near future.


July 6, 2014 | admin

BFC-SHOW-27_PreFlyerWelcome back ladies and gentlemen to Beats for Change Mix Show 27 “Change Heroes” mix!

This episode features a special guest mix from the legendary NYC DJ from the Main Ingredient radio show, Jon Oliver (

This time our social dedication goes out to an amazing social concept called Change Heroes which is a website and technology that let’s social groups of friends easily come together and raise $10,000 to build a school in a developing country as they say “Raise $10,000 from your laptop or phone to empower hundreds of children with education.”

Learn more about them here:

Beats for Change Live in Rotterdam May 30th – The Bali Sessions, Trouble In Paradise

May 20, 2014 | admin

After lots of hard work and several weeks of planning Beats for Change and Los Bangeles are happy to announce that we’ll be doing a live event and art release party and fundraiser at the Leyp boutique clothing store in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

As with all mix shows, music releases, and events this one is dedicated to a social cause doing positive change in the world. This time as many of the people involved with this event at Dutch Indonesians we selected to work with the ROLE Foundation. They are doing great social work out in Bali and working on projects like social business workshops, waste management, working with the youth and so much more. Learn more on the ROLE Foundation website

The event will take place on May 30th from 7pm and will include DJ sets by Sam Zipursky, Dagger DX, Mieras as well as a special live performance from the band BUTU Funk.

The artwork for the event was done by Marvin Bruin of Beats for Change and there will be 2 printed and framed pieces up for lottery by donation. All proceeds from the art lottery will be sent to the ROLE Foundation via Paypal.


Introducing Show 25 – Masbia Soup Kitchen Mix ft. Lu-Chi’sz

April 27, 2014 | admin

SHOW-25-Masbia_RGB_SMALLWelcome good people to Beats for Change show 25 with a social dedication to the “Masbia Soup Kitchen” out of NYC. Also Lu-Chi’sz all the way from Holland drops a soulful guest mix.

As our quest continues to expose some of the coolest social initiatives around the globe this time we found the Masbia Soup Kitchen. As they describe their mission it’s simple and effective “Masbia soup kitchen network is where the rubber meets the road in the fight against hunger. We feed hot, nutritious meals to hungry men, women and children. No statistics. No bureaucracy. No middleman. We deposit food in empty stomachs.”

Basically the way we look at this initiative is they are letting some less fortunate people fill up on good food in a nice restaurant environment or as we put it in some of our earlier talks “dining with dignity”.

Also we’re happy to present a soulful guest mix via the Netherlands very own Lu’Chi’sz where he drops soul, funk, jazz, beats and more. Get to know him more in this interview we did with him right here: Bboy Schools, Soulful Beats, And Life In Japan With Lu-Chi’sz

Bboy Schools, Soulful Beats, and Life in Japan with Lu-Chi’sz

April 15, 2014 | admin

Welcome Lucas, first off Introduce Yourself to the Beats for Change Community?
Thank you, my name is Lucas Benjamin, also known as Lu-Chi’sz. I live in a city called Hengelo, which is in the eastern part of the Netherlands near Germany.

My taste in music is like life: an ongoing, growing experience. Right now I’m mostly into Soul, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, African, Brazilian, Broken-Beats & more global goodness..!

I’m part of a movement called Extraordinary Gentlemen (EXG), we started as a BBoy-crew but evolved through the years into more various fields of Art & Expression. For example, some of us are also active in producing, DJ-ing, photography, custom art & more, but it’s Music that has always been the main connection.

Currently I’m learning the art of playing keys & saxophone, and I’ve started to experiment with producing. So a new chapter has started!

It looks like you’re into DJing and also dancing, tell us a bit how you got into both of those and are you still very active in both? What are you focusing on right now in your work?

Yeah, I started with B-Boying, or as most people know it: “Breakdance”, in 1999 when I was 12 years old. From there my journey started.

First I discovered the entire Hip-Hop culture, which was a whole new world for me at that age.

It quickly altered my direction in life, and dancing was the thing I did everyday. Started to go to battles /jams early on, and went to a lot of them. Nationally the first few years, but after 2005 internationally as well.

Even though Breaking was the thing I did most, I was always attracted to Music & discovering songs.

After school I went to record stores, educating myself and listening to music till they closed, I didn’t buy the records yet because all my money went into dancing: traveling to jams & battles as much as I could.
Eventually I started buying records somewhere around 2004/2005 with my friend & crewmember Joey Lewing (DJ Nobunaga, previously known as Panic), we were the main musical guys in the crew, bringing music to practice sessions, or making shows.

That’s where the DJ-ing officially began. First at B-Boy-jams & Hiphop-party’s mostly, but as my musical journey continued I started to play in different environments as well like festivals, clubs, lounge-bars etc.

In 2011 I started an online mixtape-series called “Music is what Feelings sound like”, where I played all kinds of songs that I have story’s & experiences with and that could touch people in a different way than I could do when I would play them somewhere. I wanted to uplift & help people grow emotionally & spiritually. And I’m so thankful that people told me their story’s that it did. Hearing those kinds of things gives me so much inspiration to continue this journey, so thank you!

After a few serious injuries from dancing around 2011, I started to shift my focus from doing battles to educating & all my time into Music & personal self-growth.

So currently I’m not doing battles anymore, I feel it’s more important to pass on & inspire the next generation. Especially in a time where there are a lot of distracted & bored children.

I recently noticed you mentioning something in social media about teaching some kind of classes? What’s that all about and what are you teaching? Are you enjoying that? If so why?

I graduated from a dance-academy 2 years ago. I started to teach various workshops first, and I also started my own Breaking-classes in different cities in and around Hengelo for kids between the age of 5-20 years.

I definitely enjoy doing that! I’m getting a lot of energy from the happiness of these children.

It’s also an act of gratitude towards the old school guys who were teaching me when I was a kid. Making it full circle and help to keep this culture alive for generations to follow.

Tell us a bit about the musical and creative scene in the area of Holland you come from?

It has been growing a lot recently, people are connecting more and more with each other and realize that we’re all in this together. This didn’t happen at first, and I think that’s one the reasons why this scene was really small for a long time. But now there are party’s like “Waves” & “Passion”, and the people start to accept & embrace these newer, non-commercial sounds.

There are a lot of talented people that live here, like Rawdee, Peeano, L33, just to mention a few & there are many more on the rize..!

This scene still has a lot to offer what most people aren‘t aware off, so be on the lookout!

What can we expect in the upcoming guest mix you’re going to be doing for Beats for Change, what kind of journey are you going to take us on?

It will be a warm, soulful journey for sure. But I don’t want to say too much. I just want people to listen with an open mind, an open heart and let the music take them to places.

You mentioned on Facebook you’ll be moving to Japan for a few months starting this fall, what’s up with Japan? Why the move over there, are you going to be active in music over there?

Japan has been an inspiration for a while now, but when I visited last December 2013 it really touched me in a special way. I loved the feeling of being there, the respectful & appreciative vibe in that country is amazing! And the fact that you hear Jazz at so many public places & stores makes life so much better.

I reached a state where I feel the freedom to do whatever I feel like, something I hope for everyone to feel & achieve. It makes everything so much more fun and interesting!

I love to play for the Japanese people, and during my stay I want to play as much as possible!

All kinds of dancing-jams, party’s/festivals.

I’m looking forward to all the new things I will learn about the culture as well, and eat Ramen again. I definitely have been missin’ that!

When you’re not doing music, dancing, or chilling what can we find you doing?

If we want to find out more about your music or what you’re up to do you have any online links users can follow?
Follow me on any of these & you‘ll be up to date:


Presenting Show 24 – The Exodus Road Mix ft Dagger Dx

March 19, 2014 | admin

BFC_SHOW24_ExodusRoad_450Show 24 “The Exodus Road Mix” is a big one with a bumping guest mix all the way from Holland via Dagger DX of the LosBangeles crew.

Not only is this a crazy guest episode but we’re also really excited to help spread the word about the organization The Exodus Road. These folks are a nonprofit coalition that empowers freedom from sex slavery through covert investigation and rescue. On our research for this episode’s social dedication we came across their Indiegogo campaign and were really impressed with what they are doing. Essentially they are doing all they can to combat sex slavery and child prostitution in the streets of South East Asia and beyond. You can learn way more about their team over at

We’re also really happy to present the guest mix of Dagger D.X. from the crew – We recently did an interview with this producer, DJ, community member and more! You can read the interview here

Indigenous Tribes, Social Work, Beats, and Life with Dagger DX

March 11, 2014 | admin

First off introduce yourself to the Beats for Change community
I’m Fagus Pattimahu, most people know me by the name of Atu. Yeah I’ve had that nickname since my childhood years but many people mistake me with the other producer –a great one by the way. I live in the great city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve been doing social work for years with troubled youth, mentally limited people and addicts. Currently I’m making a career change, which will lead to a lot of great things, or at least that’s my goal. I keep working with music though.

So you DJ and produce, how long have you been into that for, where did it all begin what kind of sounds are you into making and playing?
During my highschool years I started making music. Back then I worked with tracker software to make Gabber music (that was originated in Rotterdam by the way). A style that may not be considered as ‘real music’ by many, but the energy was so high it immediately drew my attention. Working on tracker software was pretty intensive stuff; controlling effects for instance, that was was based on typing numbers for the levels. Before this becomes a technical story, I could say that I learned a lot on detailing from it.

As stated before, listening to and making music is all about energy for me. Music based on various moods, spaces and situations don’t really make my productions easy to define as one particulair genre. Something within the range of instrumental beats and bassmusic I guess.

Besides that, I have a hard time with any genre named with ‘Future’. Energy is timeless, so it’s possible that -for example- you hear elements of 70s jazz-fusion or 80s boogie in my productions.

The same counts for my selections as a DJ. I’ve started playing music some two years ago. Although I select Beats most of the time, I like to mix it with other –sometimes unexpected- genres as long as that fits into the story I want to tell. A little bit of good old Jazz, mix it with Footwork and some obscure psychedelic rock song and I may be ending up playing dirty french Electro. I even did a few events playing boogie and yacht-rock and G-funk all night.

Tell us a bit about the scene where you’re from in Rotterdam, what’s your involvement?
Rotterdam has Europe’s largest seaport and for most parts the city is rebuilt after World War II. Add the large working class to that and together it forms the city’s character: being down to earth and direct, actions speak louder than words and (the need) to be always under construction. There’s a lot of creativity around here and the raw edge of the city is constantly challenging.

I’m grateful to live here because it is a really inspiring environment.

Talking about a Beat-scene, there are so many talented beat makers around here, and it’s good to see them all connecting in someway. Probably there are many more we don’t even know about. Yet.

I find the ‘The Beatmakers Union’ a very interesting movement. They organize beatmaking-sessions just for inspiration. I play music representing my collective ‘Los Bangeles’, and sometimes alongside DJs Mo’Luxe and Mieras. (more…)

Presenting Mix Show 23 – The Living Remix Project

February 16, 2014 | admin


This mix is dedicated to The Living Remix Project with guest mix by SpazeCraft One out of NYC

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen it’s time for show 23 “Living Remix Project Dedication Mix” featuring a guest mix by SpazeCraft One out of NYC.

SpazeCraft One works on a bunch of different social music projects and much more but the focus of this dedication is to the Living Remix project

“The Living Remix Project is an interactive workshop in Hip-Hop & Electronic Music production & lyric writing. This workshop environment introduces participants to:
– the art of “beat-boxing” & using the “voice” as an “instrument”
– being part of an “Organic Orchestra” & playing as the “conductor”
– a break down of popular electronic music making tools & techniques
– encourages storytelling through rap & poetry to give voice to the participants in the workshop.

Participants can look forward to collaboration with other students, to gain basic knowledge & vocabulary pertaining to Hip-Hop & urban electronic music.

To learn more visit:

Mosquitoes & Music? Introducing the Kite Patch Mix

January 19, 2014 | admin

We’re back with our first mix show of 2014 – The Kite Patch Mix featuring a guest mix by Trian Kayhatu and this mix’s social dedication is to a very cool health project

Learn more about the Kite Patch by checking the video below:

You can check out the mix show here:

Tacloban HOPE – One of the Top Selling Albums on

November 19, 2013 | admin

Quick little update on the Tacloban HOPE album – Waking up this morning (Vancouver Time) we just checked in on and it’s one of the top listened to and selling albums.

We’ve had over 6300 plays and almost at $500 in less than 24 hours. Let’s keep pushing the vibes and music out to the world!

- Bandcamp

Tacloban HOPE Fundraiser Album is live!

November 18, 2013 | admin

Here we go folks, we’re live! After lots of work we’re happy to present the Beats for Change x fundraiser album “Tacloban HOPE”. All proceeds from sales go directly to and their current efforts on the ground over there. Please share the sounds, donate, and enjoy!

Tacloban HOPE – Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser for

November 5, 2013 | admin

We’ve been working hard with producers from around the world to get together the upcoming “Tacloban HOPE” album that is about to drop.

It’s been a roller coaster as we work to collect, design, and produce this package as a fundraiser album with all proceeds going directly to and their efforts on the ground providing clean water stations and supplies for those affected most by Typhoon Haiyan.

So far we have at least 18 music producers on board and are aiming to drop the album Sunday evening Vancouver time for purchase and download here: – When the time comes please give generously as all proceeds go directly to and their efforts.