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Beats for Change | Bboy Schools, Soulful Beats, and Life in Japan with Lu-Chi’sz

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Using the Power
of Music for Social Awareness and Change

Bboy Schools, Soulful Beats, and Life in Japan with Lu-Chi’sz

April 15, 2014 | admin

Welcome Lucas, first off Introduce Yourself to the Beats for Change Community?
Thank you, my name is Lucas Benjamin, also known as Lu-Chi’sz. I live in a city called Hengelo, which is in the eastern part of the Netherlands near Germany.

My taste in music is like life: an ongoing, growing experience. Right now I’m mostly into Soul, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, African, Brazilian, Broken-Beats & more global goodness..!

I’m part of a movement called Extraordinary Gentlemen (EXG), we started as a BBoy-crew but evolved through the years into more various fields of Art & Expression. For example, some of us are also active in producing, DJ-ing, photography, custom art & more, but it’s Music that has always been the main connection.

Currently I’m learning the art of playing keys & saxophone, and I’ve started to experiment with producing. So a new chapter has started!

It looks like you’re into DJing and also dancing, tell us a bit how you got into both of those and are you still very active in both? What are you focusing on right now in your work?

Yeah, I started with B-Boying, or as most people know it: “Breakdance”, in 1999 when I was 12 years old. From there my journey started.

First I discovered the entire Hip-Hop culture, which was a whole new world for me at that age.

It quickly altered my direction in life, and dancing was the thing I did everyday. Started to go to battles /jams early on, and went to a lot of them. Nationally the first few years, but after 2005 internationally as well.

Even though Breaking was the thing I did most, I was always attracted to Music & discovering songs.

After school I went to record stores, educating myself and listening to music till they closed, I didn’t buy the records yet because all my money went into dancing: traveling to jams & battles as much as I could.
Eventually I started buying records somewhere around 2004/2005 with my friend & crewmember Joey Lewing (DJ Nobunaga, previously known as Panic), we were the main musical guys in the crew, bringing music to practice sessions, or making shows.

That’s where the DJ-ing officially began. First at B-Boy-jams & Hiphop-party’s mostly, but as my musical journey continued I started to play in different environments as well like festivals, clubs, lounge-bars etc.

In 2011 I started an online mixtape-series called “Music is what Feelings sound like”, where I played all kinds of songs that I have story’s & experiences with and that could touch people in a different way than I could do when I would play them somewhere. I wanted to uplift & help people grow emotionally & spiritually. And I’m so thankful that people told me their story’s that it did. Hearing those kinds of things gives me so much inspiration to continue this journey, so thank you!

After a few serious injuries from dancing around 2011, I started to shift my focus from doing battles to educating & all my time into Music & personal self-growth.

So currently I’m not doing battles anymore, I feel it’s more important to pass on & inspire the next generation. Especially in a time where there are a lot of distracted & bored children.

I recently noticed you mentioning something in social media about teaching some kind of classes? What’s that all about and what are you teaching? Are you enjoying that? If so why?

I graduated from a dance-academy 2 years ago. I started to teach various workshops first, and I also started my own Breaking-classes in different cities in and around Hengelo for kids between the age of 5-20 years.

I definitely enjoy doing that! I’m getting a lot of energy from the happiness of these children.

It’s also an act of gratitude towards the old school guys who were teaching me when I was a kid. Making it full circle and help to keep this culture alive for generations to follow.

Tell us a bit about the musical and creative scene in the area of Holland you come from?

It has been growing a lot recently, people are connecting more and more with each other and realize that we’re all in this together. This didn’t happen at first, and I think that’s one the reasons why this scene was really small for a long time. But now there are party’s like “Waves” & “Passion”, and the people start to accept & embrace these newer, non-commercial sounds.

There are a lot of talented people that live here, like Rawdee, Peeano, L33, just to mention a few & there are many more on the rize..!

This scene still has a lot to offer what most people aren‘t aware off, so be on the lookout!

What can we expect in the upcoming guest mix you’re going to be doing for Beats for Change, what kind of journey are you going to take us on?

It will be a warm, soulful journey for sure. But I don’t want to say too much. I just want people to listen with an open mind, an open heart and let the music take them to places.

You mentioned on Facebook you’ll be moving to Japan for a few months starting this fall, what’s up with Japan? Why the move over there, are you going to be active in music over there?

Japan has been an inspiration for a while now, but when I visited last December 2013 it really touched me in a special way. I loved the feeling of being there, the respectful & appreciative vibe in that country is amazing! And the fact that you hear Jazz at so many public places & stores makes life so much better.

I reached a state where I feel the freedom to do whatever I feel like, something I hope for everyone to feel & achieve. It makes everything so much more fun and interesting!

I love to play for the Japanese people, and during my stay I want to play as much as possible!

All kinds of dancing-jams, party’s/festivals.

I’m looking forward to all the new things I will learn about the culture as well, and eat Ramen again. I definitely have been missin’ that!

When you’re not doing music, dancing, or chilling what can we find you doing?

If we want to find out more about your music or what you’re up to do you have any online links users can follow?
Follow me on any of these & you‘ll be up to date:


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